How to win at Digital Marketing of e commerce Business

Digital Marketing for e-commerce in 2018

Digital Marketing for eCommerce is becoming very very competitive day by day due to rapid growth in technology and change in consumers behavior.

Most Of the startups are eCommerce today and as they enter the market rapidly they start facing cut-throat competition.

Due to lack of complete understanding of market and consumers, online many businesses go out of business.

Don't Of Digital Marketing for E-commerce :

  1. Don't create eCommerce business to sale all possible products from the market.
  2. Don't decide your marketing strategy based on assumptions
  3. Don't Build a website without Digital Marketing Plan.

Dos Of  Digital Marketing for eCommerce :

  1. Be Specific about your product, product pricing, and buyer.
  2. More Human-oriented Offers not competition oriented offers.
  3. Create Phase by Phase Digital Marketing with Milestones, Investments, Profits.

Many eCommerce businesses fail due to,

Wrong Target Audience.

Wrong Budgeting.

Wrong Timeline or Milestones.

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