Layoff is Big Big Big Opportunity

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It is news of town now many IT MNCs in India are laying off many employees.

Reasons can be many but this post is not regarding that, it is about how it is the right opportunity for every individual.

If you are in that phase do not worry, you are lucky.

You are getting free from corporate politics, pointless meetings, slow and lengthy processes where your growth is not directly related to your skills but more on how you make your seniors happy [HR always term that skill as "Interpersonal Skills" to sound intelligent].

Corporate Structure in India is full of agents, Your Career growth is totally dependent on HR Managers, Your Senior Managers, processes, systems, bosses and not directly dependent on your skills and efforts.

The Internet is the only platform without Agents and Your growth is directly proportional to your skills and efforts.

Before 10 Years when I have started working as Digital Marketing Professional, Agents in Market told me many lies like you need business cards, You have to attend networking meets to grow your business, you need to wear formal clothes etc

I am running my business from last 10 years without doing any of above.

The Internet a platform gives chance to everyone and it is the platform without agents.

If you are going through layoff process and you're confident about your skills then this is your chance to make it BIG.

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