How Impatience Sucks with Digital Marketing [Casestudy]

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Here is a story of Client from Delhi who has a multiproducts e-commerce site and he hired me for Digital Marketing Audit.

Here are readings of first consulting session

Q: How many products available on a current website?

A: 3000 products in various categories

Q: What is a current investment in online marketing and advertising?

A: INR 2,00,000 per month

Q: Since When are you doing Digital Marketing and Advertising?

A: From last 3 Years

All Good till this point

Q: Who is handling your Digital Marketing and Since when?

A: From Last Month X Agency is doing it

Q: Who was doing before that?

A: Y Agency before 2 months


Q Why, What is the problem ?

A: I have changed Agencies after every 2 or 3 months from last 3 years due to performance issues and still I am not getting any desired results.

The Main Villain Of Movie is Business Owner .. WHY?

ok, may be few agencies are side villains ...

But Due to impatience, Business Owner has not experienced any single strategy for more than 3 months.

Before baby to come out He Killed it!

What is Bottomline?

If you have 1% doubt don't start but once you start stick to it.

Data Reading: Spent almost more than 50 lakhs INR  in 3 years

No Profit, No Search Engine Ranking, No Stable Organic Traffic.

Impatience may arise in business owners due to lack of clarity or urgency but it will never turn into profits 

To Win in Marketing, Clarity is the most important factor. If you want GROWTH STRATEGY for your online business write to me


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